Martha Coolidge

Partial Credits
Year Film
2009 American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong - (Producer, Director) - Nominated: DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Children's Program*
2006 Material Girls
2004 The Prince and Me
1997 Out to Sea
1995 Three Wishes
1994 Angie
1993 Lost in Yonkers
1992 Crazy In Love*
1991 Rambling Rose - Won: IFP Spirit Director, Picture & Sup. Actress: 2 Oscar & Golden Globe noms*
1988 Plain Clothes
1985 Real Genius - People's Choice Award (Paris Film Fest)
1984 Joy of Sex
1983 Valley Girl
1982 City Girl
1976 Not A Pretty Picture - Won: Sundance Audience, American Film Festival, Mannheim Int'l Film Festival*
2010 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Take My Life, Please! (CBS)
2009 TRIBUTE (Lifetime - Mandalay) movie
2007 Psych: Truer Lies (USA)
2007 Weeds: Sh*t Highway(Showtime)
2007 Shark: Porn Free (CBS)
2007 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Redrum (CBS)
2006 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Living Legend (CBS)
2006 Related (WB) Not Without My Daughter
2005 Huff! (All the King's Men) (Showtime)
2004 The Twelve Days of Christmas Eve Movie (Showtime)
2003 Hidden Hills (The Concert)
2002 Sex and the City: (A Vogue Idea, I (Heart) New York) (HBO)
2001 The Flamingo Rising (CBS) Hallmark Movie
2001 The Ponder Heart (PBS) Exxon Mobile Masterpiece Theater, Movie (PBS)
2001 Leap Years (movie-pilot - (Showtime)
2001 Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (HBO) - DGA & Emmy Nominations*
2001 If These Walls Could Talk II (1972) movie (HBO) - DGA Nomination*
1999 Boston Grace (pilot)(Producer & Director)
1991 Bare Essentials (CBS) movie
1989 Trenchcoat In Paradise (CBS) movie
1988 Roughhouse (pilot) (CBS)
1986 Sledge Hammer! (pilot) (ABC)
1986,1985 The Twilight Zone (CBS), 3 episodes
1979 The Winners (CBC)
Shorts & Documentaries/Produced and Directed
1978 Bimbo, Prize - Thessalonica Film Festival*
1974 Old Fashioned Woman, Blue Ribbon American Film Festival*
1973 More Than A School, Blue Ribbon American Film Festival*
1972 David: Off and On, Blue Ribbon American Film Festival*
As a Producer - TV
2004 Infidelity (Lifetime)
2000 Rip Girls (Disney Channel)*
As an Actress or Herself
2007 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Redrum - the District Attorney
2006 Cast of Characters: The Making of "Material Girls" - Herself
2003 Valley Girl: 20 Totally Tubular Years Later - Herself
2003 Valley Girl: In Converstaion - Nicolas Cage and Martha Coolidge - Herself
2002 Who is Alan Smithee - Herself
2001 Headlines and Legends: Halle Berry - Herself
2000 Without Lying Down: Francis Marion and the Power of Women in Hollywood - Herself
1999 The Directors: The Films of Martha Coolidge - Herself
1994 Beverly Hills Cop III - Security Woman
1993 In search of Oz - Herself
1989 That's Adequate - Herself

*Denotes other nominations and Awards