Brittany Murphy Going To Dogs On Bonnie Hunt
Desire To Work With Director Martha Coolidge

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Brittany is back on the talk show circuit.  She recently appeared on Late Night With Craig Ferguson and today she was on The Bonnie Hunt Show (April 8, 2009) appearing with her dog.

Tribute Telefilm With Jason Lewis

Brittany talked to Bonnie about her current film projects and specifically discussed her recent work on a Lifetime telefilm (film short for TV) with the title of Tribute.   The film is based on a Nora Roberts’ (romance novelist) best-seller.   The actress co-stars in the film with actor Jason Lewis as Ford Sawyer (Sex And The City).

She told Bonnie she stars as Cilla McGowan, a former child star who restores old houses as her hobby.  As Cilla she then decides to buy her grandmother’s decaying farmhouse to save it from being destroyed where she hooks up with Jason Lewis.  As the story goes, Brittany as Cilla bonds with Jason as Ford as she uncovers nightmares and other family secrets.

Desire To Work With Director Martha Coolidge

Brittany told Bonnie the reason she really wanted to do Tribute was because it was being directed by Martha Coolidge who Brittany said has always been one of her dream director’s list.  The actress told Bonnie Martha is known for directing ‘Rambling Rose’ and ‘Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.’ Tribute airs on April 11th at 9 pm on Lifetime.