The Twilight Zone

S01E30 Night of the Meek

This episode is a remake of the original The Twilight Zone series episode, “The Night of the Meek”, about a drunken, fired department store Santa (played by The Honeymooners Art Carney) who finds a magical sack that can create presents and becomes a real-life Santa Claus after giving gifts to everyone (including the police officers who arrest him).


S01E42 Quarantine

A man awakens from an apparently long sleep. His caretaker, a young woman, wants him to confirm that he was put in cryogenic sleep in June 2023. Then she reveals he’s been asleep for 324 years; it is the year 2347.



S02E16 Shelter Skelter

The episode title is based on the title of the Beatles song “Helter Skelter”. Harry Dobbs is a family man obsessed with surviving a nuclear war. He has even built himself a fallout shelter in his basement. One afternoon, his wife, Sally, makes plans to visit her sister in Kansas City, taking their two kids with her. Harry has their son, Jason, downstairs in the shelter, teaching him to shoot a gun when she wants to leave. They have an argument over teaching a seven-year-old to shoot and why she has to go to her sister’s. He becomes frantic when he thinks Sally might’ve revealed their “family” shelter. He wants no one to know about it.



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